Artist Statement

My work derives its inspiration from nature and personal experience. Using glass as my medium, I create both functional and artistic pieces. In the functional work (jewellery and glass objects), I put the emphasis on the form, design and colour. My aim is to produce work that is calm, peaceful and meditative, so it creates atmosphere of tranquillity. My starting points are quite often external organic elements. I enjoy the process of reducing narrative elements of the natural world into abstract forms.

I am naturalised British citizen born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently residing in Germany. Thus, my artistic pieces deal with my personal experience of displacement and desire to settle in, loss against gain and how these things are inseparable and go side by side with each other. New cultures and languages constantly influence the way I work, think and see the world around me. In my recent project, an award winning wall installation, “Interrupted Stories – Story No.1” (Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, BiH, 2009), I deal with these contradictory themes. These perplexing themes intrigue me a lot and I plan to continue to explore them in my future work.

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